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Break the Chains

by Reis Asher on 2019-03-26

In a near-future United States where slavery is alive and controlled by an organization known as the Circle, Avery Tulano is up for sale yet again—and it might very well be his last time on the auction block. As a young man, he signed his life away in a contract willingly, driven by the desire to escape his life. Now, eight years later, he's broken, battered, and sick from a life of unspeakable horrors. When the bidding starts as low as $200, it may as well be a death warrant.

Enter Conrad Fisher, a corrupt ex-cop discharged from the force who runs a failing private detective business. His wife died chasing one final high and he's been in a state of isolated depression ever since. He's only at the auction to help his journalist daughter Christina get a scoop on the Circle. When he sees Avery up for bid at such a low price, however, it's an offer he can't refuse and before he knows it, he's walking out of the auction house as Avery's new owner.

It's a mistake. Slavery is wrong. Conrad can't afford to keep him anyway, no matter what strange connection they find in each other. But even if a real relationship was possible, a life of drugs, alcohol, and bad decisions is rapidly catching up with both of them—if the Circle doesn't kill them first.

Break the Chains contains explicit content, scenes of non-consensual sex and scenes of sexual content with dubious consent.

Specifically: this story includes a scene where of a sex party where slaves expected to have sex with multiple masters and each other; sex between master and willing slave (multiple times); master and slave forced to have risky dub-con intercourse on threat of death by third party; a public hand job between master and slave witnessed by third party; graphic violence; suicide ideation and planning of suicide; drug abuse, use, and overdoses; slavery, ownership of human beings; and self-medicating HIV with Internet knowledge and dubious drugs bought on the Internet.