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Reshaping Eliza: A Space Opera Alien Romance (Interstellar Hereafter Book 1)

by Rhea V. May on 2018-11-15

One gutted Earth, a dying damsel and a ship full of bionic heroes. And this are just the opening credits...

Eliza Ross seems unable to catch a break.

To begin with, Earth is invaded and there’s no stopping to the spree of human-snatching. 
Then, just as she thinks she’s evaded capture and everything will revert to normal, the aliens decide to bomb the entire planet on their way out.
Against all odds, she survives. And thus, she finds herself on an alien starship belonging to The Union Of The Dozen Races. Here, she learns she must pay the price of her rescue with an experiment and this leads to further otherworldly discoveries, her new Rendition friend being chief among them.
But soon, danger finds her again and forces her to flee to another home among the stars. Ironically, a different sort of trial awaits for her participation in this new world. 

Pradan E’Melkor never wanted another mate, but he agreed to play this charade to keep his reputation and public image intact. After all, after the tragedy of the Dark Dissent and the incessant search of potential mates, a compatible species was found. To refuse a female from this species when he’d been so lucky to be chosen First Match would have been scandalous.

The first installment in the Interstellar Hereafter series, a story about true loss and unforeseen friendship, about change and strength, about overcoming displacement and the worthiness of second chances.