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Full of Grace: Book 2 of Virgin Territory Dystopian Romance Series

by Rhys Frey on 2018-06-23

Aurora and Bridget are bruised and battered,
but fierce and spirited.
Together they head into a wild world.
Will they be able to face their demons?

The next in the hot new Dystopian Romance series after Virgin Territory

Virgin Territory: Book 1 Dystopian Romance Series

by Rhys Frey on 2018-05-19

The future is hot!
Two very different women on perilous journeys of self-discovery.

Aurora lives in the Cape Town Island State, has a dead-end job and a husband more dead than alive.
Meanwhile Bridget is a prostitute with unusual skills in the flooded canals of New York City.

Both will find themselves adrift in a wild world that might not be as deserted as it appears.

The first in a new series of speculative dystopian romance novels...just to whet your appetite.