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The Brookfield Daughter--Sanctuary

by Richard Douglas Taylor on 2018-02-24

Suzy is a walking identity crisis. She's married to the richest man in southeast Iowa, living in a 200-acre estate, but no one can know. Her real name is Suzette Marie Brookfield-Jackson, but her IDs say she is Susan Hines, residing in a middle-income duplex. Her husband used to say she was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. Now his eyes seem to avoid hers, as if her alien features have become a symbol of all that is wrong in their marriage.

Suzy is one-eighth Mejan, a highly-intelligent race that arrived on Earth seventy years ago from a parallel dimension. She and Jax fell in love in 2015 in the midst of a clandestine war with another alien species called Reggs. That race of wolf-like creatures has long since been vanquished, but now they (or something like them) are back, threatening the world and Suzy herself.

Enter Captain Gregory Smith, a house guest of the Jacksons, as he prepares for a secret mission to defeat the Reggs. Because he has the same percentage of Mejan blood as Suzy, the two feel a real connection. When Jax is gone for two days, can the handsome captain fulfill what's been missing in her sequestered life? Will his mission be successful, or is Suzy doomed to keep hiding her true identity from everything and everyone?