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Burden of Solace: Book 1 of the Starforce Saga

by Richard L. Wright on 2019-01-31

She can heal any wound except her own heart.

Everyone expected Cassie to become a doctor, to honor the legacy of her humanitarian parents. Those expectations have made her angry, cynical and lonely. Then a brutal attack triggers Emergence. Her body now heals itself instantly, and she can sense emotions and injuries in others. She’s become an exohuman: a freak, a non-person without rights, freedoms - not even deserving of a name. Her hands can heal any wound, but the good she can do comes at a price.

If the government finds out, Cassie will be conscripted into the ranks of numbered law-enforcement drones called Guardians. Despite the desire to use her new abilities to help people, Cassie knows she’s no hero. She needs to hide.

But there’s a sadistic rogue exo, and he’s behind an epidemic of murders, madness and
suicides in her city. He’s already tried to kill Cassie and she may be the only one immune to his power, the only one that can stop him.

Her sole ally is the invulnerable titan, Guardian 175. With her empathic senses she can actually feel his growing affection for her. But his loyalties are divided between love and duty. She wants to trust him, but it’s a lot to ask of her and betrayal by him could destroy everything.