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Arriving Soon


Away From Home

by Riley Moreno on 2017-11-17

Vanna is embarking on a 25-year long journey to the distant planet, Alpha Aquila. She has never traveled so far from home, far from her father and twin sisters but it is mandatory that she go. She is fulfilling an obligation, made by her grandfather, to repopulate a planet that was stricken with war and disease. It is a great honor to be entrusted with the responsibility of mothering an entire planet, but Vanna is nervous. Her overprotective father never allowed Vanna to get close to men on earth and she has never met her future husband. Will her new husband treat her with the care and tenderness that Vanna so desires? Will she ever be able to find the companionship that she was forbidden on Earth? 

WARNING: This eBook contains mature themes and language. Intended for 18+ readers only! 

Chosen By The Alien King

by Riley Moreno on 2017-11-15


I am just a normal 21st century human female who faces ordinary problems like a bloody cheating fiancée for example. Needing some fun, I jump at the chance to answer some Alien space game questionnaire looking for women who want to time travel and go marry an Alien husband. 

I answer the thing thinking its fake as after all Aliens and time travel do not exist!

But I end up being proven wrong after I find myself time travelling a 100 years into the future, ending up on some spaceship which is travelling to some Alien Planet where I am supposed to marry an Alien husband.


I am Xavier the Leonic King of Planet Leo Minor. My kind the Leonic Race faces a dilemma of the extinction of females but luckily I discover that Human females are perfectly compatible with my kind. The only problem is that Planet Earth no longer has any life on it. 

So I start a system called the TTBO system which stands for Time Travelling Bride order system. And I so cant wait to finally have my human bride, taken 100 years from the past before Earth`s destruction

Warning: For Adults 18+ Only!