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Arriving Soon


Moonlight Bride (High House Canis Book 3)

by Riley Storm on 2019-06-14

The new neighbors have moved in, and they’re a real howl…

Chloe goes to warn them of the giant wolf roaming around, fully expecting to go home alone. When she accidentally lets slip that her tractor is broken, however, the handsome new neighbor insists on coming to help. Overwhelmed since leaving the city and her past behind, Chloe accepts his offer. Maybe with his help, she can find a way to stop her other jerk of a neighbor from forcing her to sell the farm.

Truthfully, Linden Canis knows nothing about tractors. He’s a wolf shifter living on a farm, after all. Still, he needs to see more of her. It’s only good luck that she found him, after he stumbled across her when in his animal form. Now he doesn’t want to let her out of his sight. There’s something about her that calls to him. But he has other duties he can’t let slide…

The farm is home to all the rebellious members of House Canis, home of the werewolves. They’re fighting a secret war against their Tyrant-King, and it’s Linden’s job to ensure the perimeter security. With Chloe struggling to run her farm, however, he begins to devote more and more time to seeing her succeed. Too much time. When disaster strikes, it leaves nothing untouched. Not even Chloe…

Savage Love (High House Canis Book 1)

by Riley Storm on 2019-04-12

Things are spinning wildly out of control for wolf shifter Lucien and House Canis. With the old clashing against the new, the time to choose sides has come. Lucien is confident he’s on the right side, but the battles ahead will test his strength, his conviction and his willpower. And it will leave him beaten, bloody and half-unconscious on the doorstep of the woman he wants to claim as his mate.

Alison Eaton never expected to see Lucien again. Now he’s appeared at her door in the middle of a storm, barely clinging to life. Letting him into her life again won’t be easy for a woman used to hardening herself against abandonment. Although he might have been a workplace fling before, as soon as she drags him inside, it becomes clear things are different between them. Very different.

What Alison doesn’t know is that by opening the door to Lucien, she will also be opening a new chapter in her life. One where she’ll be forced to forget her past, open herself up to others, and—for once in her life—trust they won’t abandon her. It’s tough, and full of surprises, but is it worth the risk? Because for every man like Lucien who believes in a cause, there’s another who’ll follow any orders, including ones that will put Alison directly in harm’s way…

Blood Bearon (High House Ursa Book 5)

by Riley Storm on 2019-03-13

When the Sheriff assigns Rachel Corningstone to solve the greatest crime spree in Plymouth Falls history, she knows this is her shot. The former big-city detective will finally prove to her new peers that she’s more than just a pretty face. When a civilian consultant is forced upon her as a partner though, it might just be more than she can handle. Rachel doesn’t want a partner. Not after the last time.

Sent to the town of Plymouth Falls, bear shifter Khove has one mission: to find the traitor to House Ursa and kill him. It’s not as easy as it sounds, and despite the gorgeous police detective’s help, the traitor is burning down more of their businesses every night. It’s a race against time, and Khove can’t afford any distractions, but how is he supposed to stop himself from claiming his mate?

Oblivious to the raging desires of her beyond-handsome partner, Rachel is hot to tackle the case at hand. What she isn’t aware of, is just how out of the normal it is, or who she’s really up against. While Khove will go to any length to protect his mate, the one thing he can’t do is let the traitor survive—even at the expense of his own happiness. Can Rachel come to grips with the rules of the shifter world, or will her sense of justice prevent her from understanding why Khove must kill?