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Arriving Soon



by Rishi kumar on 2017-11-07


Are modern day relationships surfaced around the notion of self love?
Do you love yourself more than your partner ? Honestly?
Is everyone lonely/depressed in this modern digital age?
Has social media brought us closer or distanced us?
Does the selfie culture reflect growing self love/narcissism in us?
Is unfathomable ego the reason behind failing relationships?

In the dystopian town of Infelix City, Amanda suffering from chronic loneliness falls in love with her clone. At the same time Amanda’s boyfriend, Hansha is having an illicit affair with a smart mirror called EGO. What happens when they get to know about each others infidelity? Are modern day relationships all about love for SELF & EGO? Read the synopsis to know more


CLONNED is a Psychological-Romance-Thriller in which Amanda, a 22 year old girl suffering from Ennui virus befriends her clone, Ana & falls in love with her. As their love blossoms, Amanda begins to call her clone as ‘ME’.
Unable to recover from Ennui virus, 'ME' suggests Amanda to start dating a guy named Hansha as a remedy to her loneliness; not knowing that Amanda may fall in love with him & abandon ‘ME’.
Read the novel to know what happens with Amanda when she starts dating Hansha. An interesting Psychological love triangle plays between Amanda, her clone & Hansha.
A Smart Mirror named EGO plays disastrous role in spoiling Amanda & Hansha's relationship. What did EGO do to the two lovers?
The clock is ticking, Ennui virus has began to show symptoms of death & grief in Amanda but whom does Amanda really love-- Her boyfriend or Her clone? Depression is taking control over the reins of her life. Will she survive it?
Explore the Dystopian notion of Narcissism vs. Romance in this psychological science fiction.