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Arriving Soon


A Demigoddess' Guide to Interplanetary Parenting

by RL Andrew on 2018-06-26

Erin exhaled and adjusted her pony tail. “You’re still helping me set up for the party when we get back aren't you? You said you’d help me and be there the whole time. You can’t change your mind now. Hell, then I’ll have to organise everything myself. You always do this. I don’t know why I trusted you. That whole drugging me thing to get out of the mental
hospital--that’s your true self, not the all high and mighty god you portray yourself to be.”
Her daughter’s apparent mistrust sliced across Shayne's wound upon her soul. ‘Oh yeah, I should totally have more kids. I’m so fucking good at the parenting thing. And I’m probably going to hell anyway.’
“Ah, ouch Erin. I knew you hadn’t gotten over that. I admit it wasn’t my best move but none of you believed me, and I had no other way. I’ve really changed in the last several months, you can’t deny that. Also on the same token you can’t keep holding things against me, and lastly, I never said I wasn’t going to help you.”