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Patrik Jones and the Code of the Universe

by Robert S. Kleinstone on 2018-05-08

1843, a huge explosion devastated the star Eta Carinae generating a supernova, but, inexplicably still today, it survives the event (Eta Carinae - Source: Wikipedia).
From that moment the population of planet Earth begins to increase exponentially.
If it’s true that humans have an immortal soul, why do they increase? Where do all the souls that are crowding our planet come from?
If the Universe is a balance, at the expense of which world are we growing more and more?
Almost 200 years since that event, an alien ship lands in the middle of Bavaria as if it were nothing, creating panic.
They are looking for Patrik Jones.
Together with his friend Marco, accidentally kidnapped with him, he will have to fight to defend his life, because the Code chose him and because he has something special that everyone wants ...