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Hawk's Legend II

by Robert Turnbull on 2018-08-10

Thirty years after the tragic loss of his wife, Hawk the man of legend scouts the northern prairies and forests for information of a new threat…raider armies combining together under a new and ruthless leader named El Diablo.
Once again life throws the legend a curve that he couldn’t see coming, Something that will spin his life out of control and him on a whole new course of unforeseen circumstances. All complicated by a mysterious woman who appears in his life and appears to be his late wife’s exact double.
The trials and tribulations of his past soon catch up to him as his past is revealed and he is put on trial for his life.
Adult language, situations and violence.

Hawk's Legend

by Robert Turnbull on 2017-09-03

Hawk’s Legend;

A sometimes violent and action-filled romantic novel of revenge and love in the post-apocalyptic southwest.
The saga begins when Keli, rescued as a teen, beaten and tossed to die along a dusty desert road.
Now grown into a confident woman warrior, she is bent upon destroying the men that killed her father, abducted and abused her.
Hawk, the mysterious man in black that rescued her nearly two decades before, once again reappears in her life and she makes a pact with the man rumored to have eternal life, to help her hunt down her father’s killers.
Now on their own, the sprawling saga becomes a story of hate and revenge that leads to consequences neither expected as the two find something in common…and Keli struggles to find the truth behind the mysterious man of legend. Is he truly the man of good he appears to be…or is there an evil side?
Romance, adult situations, language, graphic violence, adventure & action.