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Arriving Soon


Last Song (Heinlein's Finches Book 3)

by Robin Banks on 2017-08-28

Luke may be young but he's been around. He knows exactly what he wants to do with his life: to make his loved ones proud and then to end it.

Quinn has everything she could possibly want: a supporting community, a loving home, and the best partners a person could ever wish for.

When a dubious oracle involves Luke on an even more dubious quest, he spots the perfect way out. Saving a world may not be what he's used to doing, but martyrdom is the answer to all his prayers.

Quinn has neither the time nor the inclination for heroic endeavors. She has even less time for falling in hate with a pretentious, melodramatic, ill-mannered pretty boy.

Unfortunately, fate has made plans that lead all of their hopes astray. “Last Song” brings the cast of “Heinlein’s Finches” and “Among the Stars” crashing together. All they have to do is find a killer roaming the cosmos and save a planet from destruction. How hard could it possibly be?

TRIGGER WARNINGS: Suicidal Ideation, Violence, Strong Language, Sexual Content.