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The Alien Within: Book 2 of The Alien Chronicles

by Robin Martin on 2017-12-21

Rion has a secret that only Zoe knows. If only she could remember. But he won't tell her because, well…who wants to be with a 4000 year old alien? Even if he does look seventeen. When his totally unsuitable guardian, Archimedes, forces him to return to East Valley High, he can't help but hope the bond between them is still there. Will Zoe learn to like the human he has become? Yet nothing goes the way he hopes, especially when Harry Crosby turns up and starts turning heads. Maybe even Zoe's? And then there's Jas, who makes it clear she still likes Rion and will stop at nothing to convince him they belong together. As if. Rion's heart still belongs to the one person who seems to have forgotten the connection they once shared. High school, relationships, and dealing with embarrassing 'Uncle' Archimedes cause him more problems than working out what's at the bottom of a black hole. Who knew that being human would be so hard?