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Arriving Soon



by Robyn Brown on 2018-03-08

When you lose all hope, what will you fight for?

Every day, Maya fights to survive in the impoverished ruins beneath Aerio City, a web of platinum towers inhabited by the oppressive Primunal government. An accomplished thief with a chip on her shoulder, she cheats the system that robbed her of her parents, her dignity. But, when she assaults a Primunal guard to save her friend -- a capital offence -- she's brought in for Extermination.

The Primunal executioner's very name, Primary Echo, is whispered amongst Maya's people like a curse. But, when she discovers he's undercover for the Resistance, she falls into his world of remote hideouts, clandestine missions and a deeply buried passion he can't afford to unleash. Scarred by grief, they’d sooner die than trust each other. But, as the fight to take down the Primunal grows ever more dangerous, the heat simmering between them becomes impossible to resist...

For readers 18+
This book contains coarse language and graphic sexual situations.