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Milky Way Tango: Revised

by Roger Alan Bonner on 2018-10-05

"... you haven't met a cliffhanger until you've read this book ... ", September 2018.

On a date, Jimmy and Sarah become lovers. Their first time. Later, they go to a blues bar, where violence, robbery, and a crooked DA conspire to hurl Jimmy to the other end of inhabited space, into a dangerous area of spectacular color and cold vacuum. Sarah is left behind. She tries to get on with her life without Jimmy, but it is no good. She cannot move on. She follows Jimmy into space. Fate moves them far from their original dreams, onto unexpected and spectacular journeys. The story is a quest, fueled by love and hope, continuing to an explosive conclusion in Milky Way Gala.

Milky Way Gala: revised

by Roger Alan Bonner on 2018-09-14

This is a story of search and rescue. Sarah is lost in space. Jimmy is obsessed with finding her. On his release from prison, he seeks help from others. His life turns into a quest to find Sarah. The obsession becomes an avocation, then a job, then a career. The day comes when his friends and family and most other people believe she must be dead in the black vacuum of cold space. She has been missing for years. But Jimmy finds he cannot turn away. He continues to search, determined to find Sarah, dead or alive.

Milky Way Gala

by Roger Alan Bonner on 2018-05-30

Jimmy gets out of prison. Sarah is stranded in space. They make heroic efforts to reunite. Jimmy devotes all his energy and resource to finding Sarah. Sarah devotes her energy and resource to surviving and to getting her ship and her crew back safely to civilization. These efforts converge in a shattering end to the story.

Milky Way Tango: across the stars

by Roger Alan Bonner on 2018-05-30

Jimmy and Sarah are childhood friends who became lovers. On a date, they are swept up in a violent robbery. To protect Sarah, Jimmy kills and is sent over a thousand light years away to serve a prison term. The two lovers were separated. Sarah tries to get on with her life, but she cannot do it. So she heads out to the stars to rejoin Jimmy. Thus continues a desire and a love that cannot be stopped even by difficult and lethal obstacles. The story continues in Milky Way Gala.