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Milky Way Gala

by Roger Bonner on 2018-05-28

A sequel to Milky Way Tango. Jimmy is out of prison. Sarah is marooned in space. He devotes all of his resource and energy to finding her. She devotes her resource and energy to surviving and getting her ship and her crew back to civilization. These desires converge in a shattering end to the story.

Milky Way Tango

by Roger Bonner on 2018-05-27

Jimmy and Sarah were friends since childhood. As adults, they became lovers. On a date, they encountered a violent crime. Jimmy killed to protect Sarah and was imprisoned over a thousand light years away. They could not see each other after that. Sarah tried to forget Jimmy and get on with her life. She could not do it. She was compelled to follow him out to the stars. This story is a romance. It is about a love and a desire that cannot be defeated. It is about discovery, and the ability to adapt and survive in a hazardous environment.