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Enchanted Tales: (Reverse Harem Serial) (Fay Warriors Chronicles Book 2)

by Rosalin Dusk on 2017-10-06

Avery is forced to leave her father behind as she's getting ready to return to Fairy Realm. She struggles with accepting her true self while her body goes through certain changes caused by her awakening powers. Four strong and gorgeous men are by her side, and soon she finds herself wondering if they're only doing their job or there's something else about the way they act around her. With their help she discovers magical artefacts, but they only bring more secrets she has yet to unveil on her way back home.

This is a REVERSE HAREM ROMANCE SERIAL with a new book coming every two weeks. Every part of the serial is a short read and ends with a cliffhanger. If you prefer full-length novels, please wait until the end of the serial, when all parts will be bundled up as one book.