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Arriving Soon


Tamed by Them Both

by Rose St. Andrews on 2018-08-23

When she finds her fiancé's time machine and begins taking it on trips to the past for her own amusement, Tara soon learns the hard way that in the old days men were quite a bit firmer than in her own era, and her bottom pays the price for her misadventures on more than one occasion.

Tara quickly ends up in way over her heard, with two men--her fiancé and a Highlander she met on one of her excursions--both set on punishing her very thoroughly for her reckless behavior and then sharing and enjoying her beautiful body in the most shameful of ways. As the stern, handsome men claim her first one at a time and then both at once, Tara is left spent and satisfied yet still yearning for more. But will her meddling with history eventually lead to disaster?

Publisher's Note: Tamed by Them Both includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don't buy this book.

Her Android Daddy

by Rose St. Andrews on 2018-05-12

When Bernadette McKellar quits her job as a robotics expert and sets out to build an android on her own, the last thing she expects is for the machine to take it upon itself to help her run her life.

Despite her initial shock at the android’s actions, however, Bernadette soon finds herself thriving under its watchful eye. But what does her incredible creation have in store the rest of humanity?

Their Wild Pet

by Rose St. Andrews on 2018-02-17

Amber grew up in a world where technology made the presence of men unnecessary, but she has always been fascinated by the thought of meeting a man, and when she stumbles upon one who is frozen in stasis by means of advanced technology, she does what is required to awaken him.

Gerard has been in stasis since a deadly illness which afflicted the male population all but wiped out civilization. He returns to find a very different society than the one he left, and he sets out to awaken the rest of the men who were locked in stasis along with him so that they can start over. But will Amber and the other women end up being glad that men have returned to their world?

His Pet Human

by Rose St. Andrews on 2017-09-01

Twenty-four-year-old Crystal never would have imagined meeting an alien, let alone living on an alien planet, but when she encounters Ibis, a seven-foot-tall male of the Marian species, she cannot help being drawn to him.

Due to difficulties in communication, Ibis is the only one on his world who recognizes that humans are intelligent beings, and he is forced to contend with a government that is resistant to the idea. Will his blossoming romance with Crystal be enough to convince them of the truth?

Her New Masters

by Rose St. Andrews on 2017-07-21

While she is delighted by the thought of escaping her harsh master, being put up for auction turns out to be a deeply humiliating process for twenty-year-old Becky. In addition to being evaluated for her suitability as a pet in the most intimate, shameful ways imaginable, she soon finds herself stripped bare and put on public display so that she may be sold to the highest bidder.

After Becky is bought by rugged, handsome farmer James McGregor, she soon learns that while her new owner is not an unkind man, he will expect her to do as she is told and any disobedience will earn her a thorough spanking. In addition to submitting to his firm-handed discipline, Becky will also be required to surrender her beautiful body to him whenever and however he wishes.

To her surprise, Becky also discovers that James has three clones who work alongside him, and they will have the same authority over her that he does. All four men will punish her when she is naughty and take her as hard and often as they please, sometimes even several at a time.

Though it often leaves her blushing crimson, Becky cannot help writhing in ecstasy as their masterful lovemaking brings her to one shattering climax after another. But when her cruel former owner tries to reclaim her, will her new masters find a way to keep her by their side?

Publisher's Note: Her New Masters includes spankings, sexual scenes, elements of pet play, and more. If such material offends you, please don't buy this book.