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Chasing Rainbows: An Erotic Sci-Fi Thriller (Chasing Series Book 2)

by Ross Jennings on 2018-07-20

In the second installment of the “Chasing” series, multi-billionaire Abraham Patterson is back in the

line of fire.

With a technological apocalypse looming, Patterson and his hot-to-trot companion, Jody Atwood, are on the run from an army of masked marauders.

Their pursuers are as brutal as they are relentless, forcing the couple into one nail-biting situation after another. But somehow the multi-billionaire and his sexy sidekick still find stolen moments to lose themselves in pleasure.

“Chasing Rainbows” ups the ante in terms of action, romance, and sizzling sexual energy. Fans of Patterson’s earlier adventure in “Chasing Waterfalls” will find the same intoxicating mix of high-tech thrills, jaw-dropping spills, and outrageously kinky escapades, all taken to a more intense degree.

Will Abraham Patterson and Jody Atwood stay ahead of their faceless pursuers?

Wil they outsmart the dark forces plotting against them?

Or will they fall into the hands of the most sadistic minds on the planet?

The only way to find out is to dive into the delirious pages of this highly addictive thriller.

Chasing Angels: An Erotic Sci-Fi Thriller (Chasing Series Book 4)

by Ross Jennings on 2018-07-20

In the fourth and final installment of the “Chasing” series, multi-billionaire Abraham Patterson must pursue his diabolical nemesis across the globe and match wits in a cataclysmic confrontation.

This time around his hot-to-trot and unfailingly loyal companion, Jody Atwood, has been captured by the enemy and awaits a fate worse than death.

Can Patterson dismantle the evil genius’s plans before Jody is harmed and all Hell breaks loose?

Or will he lose his lover, and indeed the world, to the nefarious whims of a madman?

“Chasing Angels” takes the elusive X factor of the Chasing series and revs it up to an absurd degree. The sexual energy on display in earlier installments is taken to places the reader never thought possible, and the overall sense of mayhem and madness is pushed to the point of insanity. Fans of the series will be blown away by the final chapter in Patterson’s off the wall adventure. Sit back, relax, and get ready for the ride of your life.


by Ross Jennings on 2017-10-23

Abraham Patterson, multi-billionaire, is one of the richest men alive. But with big money comes big problems. Patterson is forced to choose between the love of a beautiful actress and his hot-to-trot female associate. Complicating matters is an impending business deal with the mysterious Ragnarok Project that gets shadier by the minute. Before he can seal the deal, Patterson finds himself caught in a web of high tech weirdness and sexual manipulation.
“THE BEDAZZLED BILLIONAIRE” takes the reader on a wild ride. From the upper echelons of San Francisco’s financial elite, to the seedy underworld of its most nefarious denizens, this book explores every wicked nook and cranny. Will Abraham Patterson see through the power games and find true love? Or will he get sucked into a vortex of sleaze and mayhem? Regardless of where his destiny leads, readers should be prepared for a steamy romance laced with the taste of a high tech thriller.