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The Prince, The Girl and The Revolution: A Science Fiction Fairy Tale

by Russell Hasan on 2017-08-15

Kevin, the Prince of the Elite, a race of genetically-engineered supermen, disguises himself as a Base, the humans who are the Elite’s slaves, and ventures out into the Base slums on a mission to infiltrate the anti-Elite political revolution called the Rev. Instead of finding the Rev, Kevin meets Monica, a captivating, beautiful Base girl, and falls madly in love with her, and she with him, although she doesn’t know that he is an Elite.
What unfolds is a story of forbidden love and political revolution set against a science fiction backdrop. Can Kevin and Monica’s love overcome the racist hatred of the Elite-hating Rev and the Base-hating King? Or will the war between the Elite and the Base tear Kevin and Monica apart, and possibly cost them their lives? Kevin will fight his own father the King, face off against the Rev on their night of revolution, and match wits with a mysterious traitor, in order to be with the girl he loves. But, when the Rev captures Monica, will Prince Kevin’s love be strong enough to rescue her and restore peace to his city?
Fans of romance and science fiction will be sure to enjoy this fairy tale with a twist.