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Arriving Soon



by RUSSELL W SCOTT on 2018-02-27

This is a story of a great and enduring love that may survive the end of the world. What they must face and humanity as the end nears and for some time afterwards gives us all hope. A story also of different cultures and three different families that are fighting together and apart to survive. This is a book of hope , love, horror, of what could happen tomorrow or in the future to our mother Earth and all Humanity.


by RUSSELL W SCOTT on 2018-02-23

This is a story of love in a time of horror and dread as the world itself appears to be ending. Of three families coping and preparing for the end yet still finding the effort to care for others and of love never ending. Will they survive will the world survive as they know it or will humanity survive yet be in a new world completely than what they know.


by RUSSELL W SCOTT on 2018-02-22

This is a story if fiction that may become true in years to come . A story about three different families linked together during a time of world crisis. a story of undying love and tenderness , caring and appreciation for the lives we live. Is it the end of the world we live in and the end of humanity or the beginning of a new world for humanity? This story tears apart all we know while bringing hope that all we know is just the beginning and that real love endures forever.