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The Alien's Farewell (Uoria Mates V Book 10)

by Ruth Anne Scott on 2018-04-18

As the Universe hangs in the balance, all will fight for the past and for the future. When mysteries unravel, and truths are finally revealed, all sides will gather for the war that can bring it all to an end...

The Alien's Revelation (Uoria Mates V Book 9)

by Ruth Anne Scott on 2018-03-16

From Uoria to Penthos to Earth, those fighting Ryan and the destruction he is planning are scattered across the Universe. As they continue to unravel the mysteries and come closer together once more, they work to uncover the true origin of his evil and power. They know that the final battle is drawing near and in order to defeat him, they must know what drives him, and how they can overcome all that has come before him.

On Earth, a shift in time and the reappearance of someone from her past shatters everything that Aubrey thought she knew and she finds herself, along with Jonah, Ilya, and the rest, fighting to escape the factory and understand the critical role that she plays -- and has already played -- in preserving existence.

As the Denynso, the Mikana, the Others, and their allies prepare for war, Mhavrych continues to follow the destiny that was laid before him even before he was born. As he begins to understand his link to all that is happening, he must also discover the truth behind the mysterious appearance of his wife and why he must find her again if there is any hope of saving them all. This brings him on a journey through time and into streams that he has explored before as well as those that he hasn't so that he can witness critical moments, gathering clues, and hoping that he can put them all into place in time.

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Aegeus' Story (Uoria Mates V Book 8)

by Ruth Anne Scott on 2018-02-26

For years Aegeus has been legend on Uoria. His death in battle has become lore, overshadowed only by the discovery that he didn't die when he walked into that fateful battle, the clash that brought what many thought was peace to Uoria. All those years Aegeus spent in the clutches of Ryan, witness to the cruelty and madness that drove the scientist. He watched and he waited, knowing that one day he would have his chance again.

Aegeus tells his story the way that only he can, through the memories that he struggles to retain as the transformation takes over and he gradually morphs into Klimnu. The fever dream of his reality is fractured, but he clings to it, refusing to allow Ryan to claim him fully. Until finally his moment comes and his years of torture, of waiting, come to an end.

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The Alien's Tensions (Uoria Mates V Book 7)

by Ruth Anne Scott on 2018-02-03

Tensions continue to rise as the war heats up and mysteries deepen, putting relationships, traditions, and lives in the balance.

On Earth, getting inside the factory proves difficult, and once they are inside, Ilya's memories of the first time that she was there bring to light a struggle that she has been facing in silence, while spending time with Mordecai creates feelings that she didn't think she would ever experience again.

When Mhavrych insists that he must leave Casimir in exile for a short time longer and return to the kingdom, the Mikana man is furious, but Mhavrych knows that he is doing what he needs to do. He returns to the kingdom in time to encounter Creia returning after his quest to seek help. What he brings with him could threaten all that Mhavrych knows and the influence that he could have in the war.

On Penthos, Rilex and Severine decide they must return for the body that the left behind in the tunnels, and bring him out so that they can have a chance of knowing who he is and what caused his death. An unexpected arrival, however, takes them from this mission and shifts the entire focus of everything that all of them have been fighting for.

Suddenly the future that they have been striving to protect seems even more important than the past they have been trying to avenge.

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Maxim & Ivy's Story (Uoria Mates V Book 6)

by Ruth Anne Scott on 2018-01-20

Still separated by the planets where they are, Maxim and Ivy long for one another as they face some of the greatest challenges of their lives.

On Penthos, a discovery on the ship creates chaos and causes Maxim to reach out to Avery for help, hoping he can rely on the knowledge of the human pilot to keep everyone safe. It is the words of his father, however, that remind him that his greatest priority is still the woman he loves and the life that they are building together. When he sets out on a mission by himself, he encounters danger that might take all of it away forever.

On Uoria, Ivy is still trying to understand the patient file page that she found hidden in the wall of the war room. As they try to unravel this mystery, she struggles with strange feelings that make her question the progress of her pregnancy. When emergency strikes, she must rely on her own inner strength and the courage that thoughts of Maxim gives her to persevere.

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The Alien's Needs (Uoria Mates V Book 5)

by Ruth Anne Scott on 2018-01-07

As the group on Earth plans their trip to the Orion Corporation factory, Aubrey is concerned that Ilya is making the wrong decision in coming along with them. Ilya, however insists that this is something that she needs to do. They know that there is something in that factory that holds meaning to her beyond what she will tell them, and together they must make the journey to discover the answers that they all seek. Along the way Mordecai grapples with his feelings for Ilya and what they might mean as he struggles to come to terms with her history with Ryan.

Reeling from Malcolm's sudden proposal, Icelyn must evaluate her new-found feelings for him and decide if she is considering marrying the man she loves, or if she is making a tremendous sacrifice for a war effort that she still doesn't full understand -- and if she is even willing to take either step. Her decision will create waves that stretch far beyond Uoria and shed new light on her family's past and their involvement with the Order.

As Maxim and Pyra prepare to go to the ship to rescue those who were left behind, on the ship upheaval among the crew has tensions high and the risk of violence is growing. When the team arrives, action must be taken, or they risk falling into the hands of an enemy they might not even know exists.

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Malcolm and Icelyn's Story (Uoria Mates V Book 4)

by Ruth Anne Scott on 2018-01-07

Feeling the effects of the decision that he made to leave the Order, Malcolm is trying to get accustomed to being away from the hierarchy and in the home of the beautiful but strange woman that Athan chose. The tension between them is obvious, but he has no choice but to accept the shelter that she has offered or face the danger posed by an angered and betrayed Order. Neither fully trusts the other and both must learn to either compromise and embrace the feelings that are growing between them, or put everything that they all have been working for at risk.

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Dragons of Kratak

by Ruth Anne Scott on 2017-12-11

#1 BESTSELLING Sci-Fi Romance Series now available in a Complete Box Set!

This complete collection has all the key romance, action, and drama to make you fall in love with the characters.
All 5 books contain strong females who come into their own and alpha alien dragon shifters with a hunger for passion and insatiable desires.

Book 1 – Rohn
Book 2 – Damen
Book 3 – Rahni
Book 4 – Fawks
Book 5 – Rocor

Warning: Explicit love scenes, epic battles, and piles of dragon shifters. Intended for mature readers only.

The Alien's Clue (Uoria Mates V Book 3)

by Ruth Anne Scott on 2017-11-19

Reeling from the realization that one of the patient files that they discovered in the abandoned medical ward belongs to Aubrey, she and Jonah decide to delve deeper into the files and the information that they hold. When something that one of Aubrey's colleagues says gives them a clue, they know that they have no choice but to follow it, no matter how dangerous that might be and despite the insistent warnings from one of the rescued women whose connection to the mystery is closer than any of them expected.

On the ship, Jacob and Phaedra have an unnerving encounter with the pilot that makes them question their safety and what move they should make next. The women struggle with their decision to remain behind on the ship rather than joining the rest of the crew when they went out onto the planet to fight, and for some it might be their breaking point. Left with ever more questions, Samira seeks to learn more about her father and what happened to him.

In the Nyx 23 settlement on Uoria, Rain confronts her past and contemplates if she is really ready for this major change. Around her, the rest of the group must decide whether they are going to join her in facing Penthos once again and striving to finish what they started, or if they will remain in place, contented to live out the lives that they started there. An unexpected event as they travel back to the kingdom, however, puts everything at risk.

On Penthos, Pyra and Eden, Jem and Angela, and Ciyrs and Elianna discuss what might await them in the future as they realize more than ever that they will need to rely on love to get them through.

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Gannon & Willow's Story (Uoria Mates V Book 2)

by Ruth Anne Scott on 2017-11-05

Gannon doesn't know what's happening to him. The emotions that he felt the moment that he saw Willow hit him so strongly and he can't get her out of his mind. This is unlike anything that he has ever experienced and though everything in his heart is telling him that he wants to be near her, his mind is holding him back.

Willow knows that something has changed in Nana's home, but she doesn't know what. The gorgeous man in the greenhouse appeared seemingly out of nowhere in the weeks since Willow has visited, and Nana has no real explanation for who he is. Despite her questions, though, Willow can't deny the attraction that started the instant she saw Gannon, even though the back of her mind tells her that she's not ready yet.

While spending time together trying to revive Willow's strawberry plants, the two start to draw closer, but the more Willow tells Gannon about herself, the less he seems to want to tell her. Together they must be willing to confront their pasts and free themselves from the claims that those pasts have on their future so that they can discover that love may just be where they least expected it.

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Rocor (Dragons of Kratak Book 5)

by Ruth Anne Scott on 2017-10-28

She can’t resist herself from wanting him…

Commanding Officer Jasmine Forsythe senses an immediate attraction with Rocor Assan. His massive size, his curious swirling tattoos that give him a dragon appearance before they disappear—how can she resist. He gives her no time to get to know him, though. He races off to mount an all-out assault against the Ulasso. How can the Ulasso be enemies when Fawks Ulasso worked so hard to save the team from certain death in the forest?

All is not what it appears to be inside Assan Keep. Even as Jasmine finds herself falling for captivating Rocor, she uncovers a secret that could destroy both their worlds. Can Jasmine bring peace between the Allies and this mysterious people she cares so much about? Can she convince Rocor to turn aside from his disastrous plan to attack the Ulasso, or will he leave Kratak unprotected when the Allies force finally attacks?

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The Alien's Back! (Uoria Mates V Book 1)

by Ruth Anne Scott on 2017-10-08

When Aubrey comes home with a story from work about a colleague who once explored a factory owned by the Orion Corporation and discovered strange rooms and other odd happenings, Jonah knows that he has to keep digging. A return to the medical ward reveals something that turns everything that he thought he knew upside down and he and Aubrey must decide what is the most important and what they should do next.

On Uoria Ellora, Athan, and Mhavrych make their way back to the Mikana kingdom using a mysterious form of travel that Mhavrych won't explain but that seems to have the power to bring them far distances in mere moments. Once they've arrived, they confront Creia and Rey with what is happening and all must decide whether they should hurry back to Penthos as fast as possible or if they should remain on Uoria longer to better prepare. Meanwhile, Rain works through her feelings about the settlement and her realizations that this will never be her home again and Ivy feels pulled between her love for Maxim and the desire to be on Penthos with him, and the need to protect her baby.

On Penthos Maxim struggles to get near his father, but the raging battle keeps them apart. When he finally is able to speak with him, the emotions are more intense than he ever would have expected. They navigate their new reality of being back together as the crews settle into the compound, waiting for the next conflict with the hybrid army. When Pyra realizes that he has unfinished business that he wants to complete, he and Maxim must seek out help in an unexpected place.

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Uoria Mates IV Complete Series (Books 1 - 10)

by Ruth Anne Scott on 2017-09-23

10 Book Best Selling Alien Romance Series (Uoria Mates IV Complete Set)

This is the fourth series of the BESTSELLING Uoria Mates Series. The huge ensemble of lovable characters from the previous series is back along with new ones!

Scattered across two planets, the Denynso and their allies are driven to pull back together as the beginning of the war rages around them. As the group on Earth tries to escape the laboratory, Eden faces demons from her past and vows to break herself free from Ryan's torment once and for all. What they discover, though, could leave them at his mercy with nowhere to turn.

On Penthos, the reality of the planet around them looms and Maxim is overcome by thoughts of his father and the child soon to be born. They know they can't wait for the others much longer. Damage has already been done and when the hybrids call out Kyven and Maxim, they won't be able to deny them.

This is only the beginning of the ‘Uoria Mates IV’ series, a collection of 10 titles that have all the key romance, action, drama, and suspense ingredients to leave you turning pages and pages of this stellar interplanetary story!

Book 1: The Alien's Return
Book 2: Jacob & Phaedra's Story
Book 3: The Alien Uncovers
Book 4: Loralia & Bannack's Story
Book 5: The Alien's Glimpse
Book 6: Rilex & Severine's Story
Book 7: The Alien's Mystery
Book 8: Jonah & Aubrey's Story
Book 9: The Alien's Lair
Book 10: Azra & Elise's Story

Fawks (Dragons of Kratak Book 4)

by Ruth Anne Scott on 2017-09-16

She can’t stop herself from wanting him…

Team 2 of the Allies research mission flies over Planet Kratak on their way to Assan Keep for their year-long stay studying these rugged and unknown people. Sheena pilots the shuttle in to land when a huge white dragon swoops over the landscape and collides with their shuttle. Disabled and plummeting toward the planet’s surface at terminal velocity, Sheena struggles to make an emergency landing in the forgotten reaches of an uncharted forest.

Little does Sheena know she’s about to get sucked into an overpowering vortex of passion, self-discovery, and insatiable desire. Fawks Ulasso steps out of the forest to save the team from certain death, and Sheena can’t stop herself from falling under his spell. Is he the answer to her prayers, or her worst enemy?

He’s everything Sheena has learned to hate: dominating, self-assured, mysterious, and intoxicatingly attractive. Try as she might, she finds herself responding to his overtures until he awakens hidden desires and cravings that will blow her whole world apart…

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Azra & Elise’s Story (Uoria Mates IV Book 10)

by Ruth Anne Scott on 2017-09-10

With the first real battle on Penthos raging around him, Azra can't get his mind off of Elise. He fears for her safety, but just as much, he fears that she will not be able to handle everything that is happening around them and that he will lose her. As the warriors fall around him, though, he knows that he has to focus on his mission there and not allow himself to let the Denynso, or any of the rest, down.

Back at the compound, Elise works with Lila to prepare for everyone to arrive after the battle. The reality of preparing a hospital is hard for her to handle, but strong words from Lila force her to come to terms with the choices that she made and that this would be the life that she would live if she wanted to be with Azra.

When these two finally come back together, everything else disappears around them and there is only each other. Soon, though, the pressures of the war, her career, his responsibilities, and all of their differences are too much to ignore and they must decide how they are going to handle it, if at all.

The Alien's Lair (Uoria Mates IV Book 9)

by Ruth Anne Scott on 2017-08-27

Deep in the Order's lair, Ellora has found herself in the hands of a strange man who tells her that he knows something from her past. Though he can't tell her who he is or why he is there, she feels that he is the only one who can give her a chance to get out of the tunnels. She knows that she has to trust him, even if that means not knowing what he is carrying in an old cloth bag or why he insists that the future of the Universe rests on him protecting it.

On Penthos, Severine and Rilex are continuing through the tunnels on their own, hoping that they won't encounter the hybrid army before they are able to get back to the rest of the group. When they stumble on something both mysterious and horrifying, though, their focus shifts and they realize that they are dealing with something far bigger than any of them know. With everything unraveling around him, Rilex realizes that the time is coming soon that he will have to reveal the rest of the truth about himself and what he knows.

Knowing they no longer have the time to wait for Rilex to return, Pyra leads the rest of the team out of the ship and out into the desert. He knows that this is what they have been preparing for, but he can't help but feel the pull inside him, longing for the warriors who are not beside him and hoping that no matter what awaits them, he can take care of the family he loves while protecting the Universe and making his father proud.

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Jonah & Aubrey's Story (Uoria Mates IV Book 8)

by Ruth Anne Scott on 2017-08-13

Jonah is still reeling from his encounter with Aubrey in the lab and the sudden way that she ran away from him, but he knows that he can't let thoughts of her distract him. There is still so much work to do, and now that he is alone again, he needs to work even harder.

When Aubrey shows up again, he wonders if it is more than professional curiosity that draws her to him. Together they keep digging, discovering new details that seem to make the situation more confusing rather than bringing them closer to clarity.

When Aubrey discovers the truth about who he really is and what he is doing on Earth, however, Jonah is left to wonder if he has lost even more than he already had…

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Rilex & Severine's Story (Uoria Mates IV Book 6)

by Ruth Anne Scott on 2017-07-15

With the journey to Penthos nearly over, Rilex and newly-named Severine wake in each other's arms. Something has changed between them, but with the danger still building around them and so many more questions to answer, neither is sure they are ready to find out exactly what.

As the ship prepares to land they part to get ready, and Severine overhears a conversation that brings all of the changes that she is facing crashing around her. In an instant, she can no longer see the future that she thought she might be building, and she wonders if she can ever really get beyond her origins.

Reeling from Severine's sudden change of heart, Rilex heads out onto Penthos to find Ciyrs, starting a chain of events that will leave both of them questioning everything as the war waits just on the horizon.

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Damen (Dragons of Kratak Book 2)

by Ruth Anne Scott on 2017-07-10

She couldn’t take her eyes off him…

When Reyna Cooper and her research team land on Planet Kratak to study the locals’ ways and customs, she immediately falls under the spell of big, brooding Damen Harkniss. He’s everything she thought she hated, but now she finds she can’t resist his dominating presence. With his overpowering presence and his intoxicating touch, he destroys the old Reyna and brings a new being to life.

His rock-hard body and his fascinating skin patterns weave a spell to catch her in a web of pleasure and connection, but something dangerous and alien lurks beneath his magnetic exterior - something slithering and scaly that won’t stop until it invades Reyna’s most delicate places. Can Reyna reconcile her conflicting desires with the team’s mission? Can she really turn her back on everything she knows and understands for the passion and power of unstoppable love? Can she really love a man consumed by a terrible secret?

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The Alien's Glimpse (Uoria Mates IV Book 5)

by Ruth Anne Scott on 2017-07-03

Rain, Kyven, and those of the crew that stayed aboard the ship have arrived back on Uoria and must start gathering the army and the weapons that Maxim and the others need on Penthos, but not everyone is happy at their return, or at their intention to leave again to continue the war.

On Earth Jonah continues to uncover more in the files and begins to wonder if there is more to the aged hospital than they thought, leading him to head back into the laboratory building without the benefit of the rest of the group.

On Penthos, Maxim has noticed a strange pattern in the hybrid attacks, and hopes that their dwindled numbers will be able to hang on long enough to receive reinforcements. As he waits, he wanders into one of the compound's buildings and gets a glimpse into the past.

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