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The Relica Series: Books 1-3 Sci-Fi Romance Box Set

by S. J. Talbot on 2018-05-20

Earth is doomed. At least, that’s what the Relicans say.

Tierney Dawson isn’t sure if the aliens are telling the truth. An asteroid hurtling towards Earth? Only a month until collision? It’s all pretty hard to swallow, especially coming from Tausson Corwin, a young, hot-tempered, and dismissive commander who says all of humanity must evacuate onto their spaceship. But as the President’s Chief of Staff, it’s Tierney’s job to take it seriously, and to work with Commander Corwin on America’s disaster response. Soon she sees past the commander’s gruff exterior, and finds herself struggling to hide her feelings.

After a tragic ending to his last mission, Commander Tausson Corwin of the Relican Squad is impatient to convince humanity that they are an endangered species. But that’s not his only problem. Relican culture dictates that he must also select a mate from Earth’s population. Will Tierney be the one? Or does he want even more from her?

This 3-book science fiction alien romance box set collection includes S. J. Talbot's Asteroid Mate, Asteroid Love, and Asteroid Hope.

Asteroid Hope (Relica Series Book 3)

by S. J. Talbot on 2018-05-10

When your sister is famous for loving a Relican, love is the last thing on your mind.

Despite the fact that she’s now living on a moon-sized space ship instead of Earth, cellist Clementine is determined to keep her life as normal as possible. She brought a suitcase filled with her favorite breakfast snacks, started an orchestra, and is even striking up a romance with Zack, the boy next door. But between vandals, thieves, and sexy but unattainable Relicans, navigating this new world isn’t easy.

When Inlan, musician and dedicated member of the Relican Squad, is assigned to join Clementine’s orchestra as cover for a secret mission, he’s eager to prove himself to his new commander. As he travels deeper into the unpredictable world of humanity, however, he soon begins to question his capabilities both as a soldier and a musician. And the more time he spends with Clementine, the more he begins to question his loyalties to Relica itself.

Asteroid Love (Relica Series Book 2)

by S. J. Talbot on 2017-11-28

For the Relicans, love is a crime. That’s a big problem for Tierney Dawson, who happens to be in love with one.

Now that she and Tausson are living with his people on a Relican Squad spaceship, they have to hide their feelings or risk exile to a planet across the universe. Tausson’s already in enough trouble, forced to fight for his place in the Squad after breaking the rules to rescue Tierney from the asteroid. And more than one of the crew suspects there’s more to her relationship with Tausson than meets the eye. As Tierney becomes more immersed in the world of the Relicans, she comes to realize that her dream of being with Tausson may never be reality. Will she be able to find a solution to this problem? Or will she be forced to choose between her own people and the love of her life?

Asteroid Mate (Cosmic Alien Sci-Fi Romance Series Book 1)

by S. J. Talbot on 2017-09-08


When Squads from the Planet Relica visit alien worlds, it’s because those worlds are in danger. So when Commander Tausson Corwin comes to Earth to prepare the planet for evacuation, it’s Tierney Dawson, the President’s Chief-of-Staff who is trying to coordinate the American role in the disaster response.

The Relicans help far off worlds — like Earth — who don’t have the technology to fully help themselves. But Commander Corwin’s culture dictates that this process is also how he is to find a mate. This ensures that Relican bloodlines exist throughout the Galaxy and save them from their own extinction.