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Warrior Enflamed: Sci Fi Alien Angel Warrior Fantasy Romance (Archans of Ailaut Book 2)

by S.A. Ravel on 2017-09-06

A sultry lounge singer in debt to the mob… A winged warrior determined to claim his Muse…

In Nevhana, a dark underground rules the entertainment district. Perrine, the French Creole owner of Club Parodie, makes a deal with an enforcer to avoid paying her debt to the mob… with her flesh. But her deal means betraying the powerful Archan Davingelo, who claims she is the key to unlocking his power- power he must access to protect the innocents he has taken under his wing.

He will seduce her to his will- he will kill to keep her in his power.

But the Mob has other ideas. Perrine owes them a debt- and now it’s time to pay up, or pay the price.

A steamy science fiction fantasy romance for readers who enjoy alpha alien warriors, a curvy heroine willing to play with the Bad Boys to get what she wants, with action adventure leaping off the pages. Book 2 in the Sora Stargazer's Archan’s of Ailaut series. Book 1 is Warrior Awakening.

For a steamy ride or die alien warrior romance, download now.

Warrior Awakening: Sci fi Alien Warrior Romance (Archans of Ailaut Book 1)

by S.A. Ravel on 2017-09-06

A broken winged warrior rises from the sea to battle for his throne. An heiress flees Earth to reclaim her life.

She alone can temper his violent power… but can he find sanity in time to save her from her dark past?

As he wakes from a years long Sleep under the sea, Ishaiq's wild power threatens to destroy the island he rules. One human woman soothes his rage and seduces him back to sanity.

An insane Archan can level a city. Ishaiq can destroy the world.

But his soft-spoken human isn't just another off-worlder from Earth, Abella is the heiress to a powerful family and large fortune her politician brother-in-law needs to fund his ambitions.

He's willing to kidnap Abella to take what is rightfully hers- he's willing to kill. Abella needs Ishaiq as much as he needs her... and there isn't much time before they must choose whether to live together.... or die apart..

A steamy science fiction fantasy romance for readers who enjoy alpha alien warriors, new planets, curvy heroines with an agenda and plenty of adventure. HEA, no cliffhanger, Book 1 of the Archan's of Ailaut series.