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Arriving Soon


Time Will Tale

by S.C Barrett on 2017-08-29

When Quantum Physicist Nathan Hawke broke the laws of time, he had no idea Time would take it so personally.

An epic adventure across time itself in a tale of love, mystery, intrigue, drama and suspense as one man challenges the ages only to find that the concept of Time is far more than what it seems.

The year is 2033. Once considered a leading mind in Quantum Theory, Nathan Hawke finds himself exiled in disgrace from the scientific community and higher academia. Relegated to teaching a high school physics class and spending his nights binge watching 80s t.v shows with his cat, Dr. Nathan Hawke is approached by a mysterious donor offering to fully fund his research into a unique time travel theory involving the appearances of ghosts. While leery of his new benefactors and their motives, Nathan accepts their gesture as it is his last chance to prove his theory true and break time. Upon his first successful test, Nathan finds himself trapped in 1862 on a small farm in Georgia during the Civil War. Forced to wait 3 years for the timesplice to reopen, Nathan soon adapts to his new life in the 1800s. Falling in love with the woman he once knew only as a ghost and becoming one of the family. Eventually deciding to live out his life there in the 1800s.
Only he soon discovers staying out of history’s way is harder than he imagined and after inadvertently altering the timeline, his perfect new life is left in shambles. As tragedy continues to strike, Nathan is forced to abandon his new world and barely escapes through the splice when it reopens, but with no way to control when or where each new splice takes him, he finds himself bouncing around through time from one era to another, one adventure to another, and one dilemma to another. Jumping from time to time in a desperate attempt to find the splice that took him to that first day in 1862, reset the timeline, fix his mistakes, and save the woman he loves.
Meanwhile, back in the future, old colleagues have stolen his work and plan to use it for their own nefarious purposes. Leading to a cat-and-mouse chase through the annals of time as his journey home is further complicated by their interference and trying to repair the damage they have caused to history. Plagued along the way by the appearance of a doppelganger of himself that only he can see or hear. Leaving Nathan to wonder who or what he is. Transmissions sent from a future self? Insanity being a side effect of time travel? Or something entirely different. All the while Nathan is wanted by the FBI in his own time for crimes he is accused of committing in the distant past. It is during his epic journey across the temporal plains that Nathan will learn there is far more to the existence of Time than he ever imagined…