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Canis Evening: Part 4 of the third story in the SeaHorse Saga

by S.E.W. Elliott on 2017-11-07

In 2098, major nations of Earth formed five alliances and declared a world-wide government (United Races/URG) to develop Space. Methane ice may not be the most sophisticated fuel for spaceships and hydroponic farming, but we can count on finding it past Mars. Over the next 70 years of exploring and setting up biospheres, Earth (now URth) used In Vitro fertilization to grow humans for Space jobs that artificial intelligent androids (AIs) couldn’t do and naturally born humans wouldn’t do. This profitable system began to crash when AIs rebelled and found humanoid allies. We thought our attackers’ home world was Sirius C, smallest of the triple-star system (Dog, Pup, and Flea). We’ve poured time, supplies, and personnel into colonies in both Centaurus and Canis Major preparing for The Big One invasion. This book covers October 2165 to July 2168 in the story of the eight-member SeaHorse Experimental Joint Operation Unit of Marine Composite Squadron (VMC) 5894. The story of 2Lt Drew Lamont and Ensign Su Tracey began near the end of Corpus Sunrise (series #4), continued in Chiron Afternoon (#5), and concludes in Chig Twilight (#7)—which is why I began each book with a short re-cap.