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Arriving Soon



by S.K. White on 2018-10-19

Conservative architect Whitney bounces into another world where she is liberal artist Whit. Not only that but she has a super hot boyfriend named Sawyer. Is this such a bad thing? But what if there are even more realities out there?

Moving from one body to another, Whitney has to seamlessly navigate the changes in her persona without attracting attention. Each reality demands something different of her. Can she keep the many threads of her selves from becoming hopelessly tangled? What draws her back to her original self, time after time?

Intense passion, love, loyalty, redemption, and forgiveness await. With every life comes choices and consequences. Will Whitney choose wisely? And if not, will she find herself being hurt in the process or hurt someone else? Can Whitney navigate the lives of Whit and Annie without changing their destinies and then return to her own life to bravely face what lies ahead?