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The Guardian: A Genesis Stones Novel (The Genesis Stones Book 3)

by S.M. Wolf on 2019-06-19

Fin and Grayson are on their way to starting a new life together when their world takes another drastic turn. On the run for their lives again, they fight to outwit their adversaries in search of a peaceful existence. Will they ever find it? This third and final book in the Genesis Stones trilogy shows how far these Intrinsics have come since they met on the Tufts college campus just a few short months ago. Through all the blind curves and trying times, they've stood strong together and refuse to give up on the one good thing that never dies ... hope.

The Worthy: A Genesis Stones Novel (The Genesis Stones Book 2)

by S.M. Wolf on 2018-01-18

Alone and afraid, Fin has been kidnapped by the woman who Grayson's parents wished him to marry. Out of jealousy, Eleanor is holding her hostage with plans to sell her to sex traffickers. Cold, hungry and unsure if anyone is coming to find her, she is close to giving up hope. Will Grayson come to her rescue? Will anyone?

Grayson knows something isn't right. He can sense Fin's pain and distress immediately and soon realizes that Eleanor has taken her. Desperate to find her, he'll stop at nothing to ensure she's safely in his arms again. But at what cost?