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Hot Secrets and Someone of the Husband: Romance Short Story Collection

by Sabrina Fletcher on 2017-12-25

A Collection Romance Book of 3 Hot Multi-Subgenre Romance Short Stories + Bonus Romance Stories!

All Yours – Pregnancy and Billionaire Romance

Tatiana George is a young college graduate, starting her career as a research manager. Her life is finally falling into place as she moves into her new house, but a piece of her past comes back to surprise her. She discovers she is pregnant from a past college tryst, and now has to change her life. She never expected to be pregnant, and she never expected to fall in love with a sexy, billionaire, ER doctor. Pete Walker is an older, hardened billionaire who knows what he wants—Tatiana.

She fears she doesn’t have room in her life for a baby, and a new man. But her life has always been defined by the unexpected.

Double Fire-Dragon Shifter Threesome MFM Romance

Cammie is a young college graduate looking to start her life. She has been waiting for a good job so she can finally start living a new life. She is stuck bartending, and spends her nights taking photos of her beautiful plot of land. Until one night when everything changes. A creature like no other soars from the sky and into her life, turning it upside down.

Not one, but two dragons have claimed her as their own and intend to make her fulfill her destiny. Will she oblige?

Without Restrictions-Military and Basketball Threesome MFM BBW Romance

Diane is in love with her roommate, basketballer Keith Adams, and her marine neighbor, Tyler Wales. The problem is that when she finally makes a move on Tyler, Keith also shows his interest and even watches as she and Tyler make out in his living room. To Keith, she has always been like a little sister. But after seeing what she did with Tyler, he is not so sure she is that innocent, and wants to try her out for himself.

They have sex when she catches him spying on her, and later it turns out into one of the hottest threesomes after a wild party out.

Each standalone story ends Happily Ever After. The stories contain explicit love scenes and are intended for 18+ readers only!

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