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Oberon Dragon: Shifter Romance (Star-Crossed Dragons Book 1)

by Sage Hunter on 2018-01-02

Earth just got a lot hotter!

Three dragon shifter warriors become separated when their ship crashes on earth. Will their human mates help them find their way home? Or create a new home here on earth?

Oberon. Strongest of the Dragon Shifters. Elected Warrior to protect his people. But when he awakes on earth, he learns he is unable to use his shifter powers. On the brink of death, he is saved by a human female.

Jenny can’t trust men. She was abused by her father, and betrayed by her late husband. But when she finds a gorgeous man lying naked in the desert, she is compelled to help him. Enraptured by his mysterious magnetism, she nurses him back to health.

When Oberon finds out Jenny is in danger he must make a choice—seek out the members of his crew and find a way back to his home planet, or protect the woman he loves.

Will Oberon be Jenny’s first true protector? Or will he betray her like the rest?

**This is a novella length 30,000 word, standalone dragon shifter romance. For a limited time, I've included bonus stories.**