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The Hottest Woman in the World

by salem x on 2017-10-10

Electricity, a fireworks designer, is the hottest woman in the world. With a body temperature of 212 degrees and sparking amber skin, she is also untouchably lonely. Heiress to urban New Volt City, she has all the financial resources to search the world over for a man who can withstand her body heat. But she can’t find him. When Electricity commissions an ice sculpture for the Fire, Ice and Eclipse Festival in Antarctica, she crosses paths with Lucky, an unlucky ice sculptor and bachelor living in simple Winter Town. Pale blue as china, he is literally cold as ice.

Their chemistry is immediate, but its power propels them into a magical world where love has long been plagued by someone who hates it. With help from a mad-scientist Cupid, a boy made of living chocolate and jewels, their journey to unite against all odds makes The Hottest Woman in the World the coolest love story ever.