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Love Particles: Poems

by Salik Shah on 2018-12-05

Poems of love, faith and despair.

This new collection of poems from Salik Shah begins with that youthful search for “true love” and ends with bodies blossoming into “wishes and concerns.” Meet the spacers’ ghosts, vampires and humans trying to find and hold onto love, no matter its cost — the resulting suffering and despair, even the destruction of our planet and the many worlds in our cosmos.

Love is not always about loss — it’s also about faith during times of utter hopelessness and crises. Hope that becomes dreams and realities in an alternate universe! In the tradition of some of the finest literary and speculative, science fiction, fantasy and magic realist poetry from around the world, these poems encompass a vast expanse of time and imagination, and take us beyond worlds already familiar and strange to us.