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The Last Full Measure of Devotion

by Sam Everson Biehl on 2019-06-16

While mourning the tragic and sudden loss of her Osco and partner in life, Sgt. Santina Metizon finds comfort in an unlikely friendship with Nauru. It's a relationship her neighbors, family and even society at large can't understand or accept because Nauru is a Freeman, a pariah who has chosen to free himself from the ubiquitous technology that shapes the lives of mankind. And while the planets are engaged in a brutal civil war about the "Freeman Question," Santi and Nauru must struggle against society's prejudices, as well as their own inner demons and external wounds.

Despite her mistakes, despite their differences, and despite all she has lost, Santi is determined not to lose Nauru.

Set in a future that mirrors America's Civil War, this novel explores our relationship with technology, our personal need to be understood, and our society's struggles with civil rights.