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Arriving Soon


The Slavers' Pet

by Samantha Madisen on 2018-04-27

When Vedera is taken captive by aliens, she has no idea what to expect. But as time passes, she discovers that she shares a special connection with Tokis and Xa, the brothers who captured her.

Despite the growing bond between them, however, the laws of their planet forbid their union. Will Tokis and Xa risk everything to claim the human they’ve come to love as their mate?

His Captured Mate

by Samantha Madisen on 2017-10-07

As a member of a resistance movement fighting to free the human race from the alien species which conquered Earth, the last thing Milla Orel wants is to draw the attention of Commander Tannin, the alien in charge of the ship on which she is stationed.

Unfortunately for Milla, after it is discovered that she falsified her genetic testing results in order to obtain her current post, she ends up assigned to Tannin’s custody, and before long she finds herself growing attracted to the stern, handsome alien warrior. But when an attack by the resistance puts Tannin’s life in great danger, will she leave him behind or come to his aid?