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The Barbarian's Passion: Erin

by Samantha Sparx on 2018-02-02


Meet Erin — she is a young, hot woman who wakes up on an exotic island. Having no idea where she is or why she is there, she starts exploring the surrounding area. Soon enough she meets a tall, handsome stranger…

This is part five of the Barbarian’s Passion Series by Samantha Sparx.

About the Barbarian’s Passion Series:

Somewhere in a not so distant future, a group of young, innocent women find themselves taken away from the world and society they’ve been raised in. Not knowing anything about what has happened to them, each woman mysteriously wakes up on an exotic island seemingly in the middle of nowhere. They have no idea recollections of where they’ve come from or where they are. Completely unaware of their surroundings, they are forced to search for food and shelter on their own in order to survive. But as they make their way deeper into the seemingly uninhabited woods of the island, they realize that they are not alone. Someone is watching them, someone with a burning hunger in their eyes… And the women have no idea what’s about to hit them. These are their stories.

WARNING: This story contains explicit and graphic material and is intended for an adult audience only. Do not purchase this item if reading raunchy smut about barbarian men and younger women getting down and dirty together offends you.