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by SANDY POET on 2018-08-30

I welcome my readers to this beautiful world of dreams . This is a world where dreams comes true. When I fell in love for the first time,I usually think of an invention that can we peek inside someone’s brain? it’s very difficult to know what’s going inside someone’s mind. I think many of you would give carte blanche with me if I say falling in love is the most enjoyable, most irritating and most frustrating thing I ever did in my life. In search of true love as this book’s subtitle reflects, means someone is there who is in search of true love . I know the word “Love” gives goosebumps to some people but for some it gives a mental shock of emotions. It depends on your experience in love. Breakups in love is something that can completely destroy your confidence, degrade your attitude toward life and it gives you lots of frustration and irritation in life. While a successful love can fulfil your heart with happiness and joy. Frustrated and broken people need a counsellor ,a psychologist for their mental treatments ,but nobody can know what’s going inside your brain , until you tell them .Not even your parents,friends, siblings know what’s going inside your complicated brain,but there are some kind of people who can peek inside your brain ,who can see what’s going inside your brain .Isn’t it beautiful that you can know easily what’s going inside the brain of your crush. Meet the Dream detectives the superheroes of 2030. Forget all superheroes ,now a team of 8 superheroes will blow your mind with some magic and science.