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Bear Your Burden:: A Bear Shifter Short Story Romance (Bear Creek Shifters Book 1)

by Sarah Knight on 2017-08-18

Stacey's life wasn't going exactly to plan. Truth be told, her entire existence was a total wreck.

Men, booze and drugs. Stacey's three major downfalls. Her son doesn't exactly hate her, but at the same time it's difficult for him to sit there and pretend like she is a relatable, model parent when night after night she would rather leave the house in favor of getting black out drunk and spread wide open by the next Johnny come lately (or cum lately depending on who's perspective you view things from) instead of hanging out with her only child, eight year old Abner, whom she had at the tender age of fifteen.

Stacey's older brother and bear pack alpha, Bobby, always attempts to help Stacey see the light. Her vehement refusals to listen to his suggestive guidance never discourages him from attempting to set her on the right path.

But alas, in order for someone to change they have to truly desire their own betterment deep down in their own heart.

One random day, Stacey awakens and envisions where her life is inevitably headed much to her chagrin. It is at this precise point she decides to consciously make changes in order to not only enhance her future but the future of her son, as well.

Long story short, Stacey meets the man of her dreams and experiences a state of temporary bliss as her and her only child develop a really strong bond. I say temporary because before too long enough madness ensues to damn near send her off of the proverbial deep end. Read Volume 1 to be filled in on all of the excruciating details...

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