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Arriving Soon



by Sarah Walker on 2018-10-31

This planet is filled with imbeciles. Completely illogical beings who run almost purely on senseless emotion. How could Nibiru possibly benefit from such creatures? Si wondered the first time he observed the Earth. Yet, there does seem to be an uncanny peace present there. Could there be more to them than meets the eye?

Si Quoziva didn't see how these senseless beings could possibly be of help to his planet, yet something about them gave him hope. He couldn't put his finger on it, but it was worth making his best effort for. After all, Nibiru's fate depended on it. But why did they have to be so irrational?

Graduating early didn't help. I'm still considered a minor so if I run away, the cops will just bring me right back again. And then...Pennie trembled at the thought of what her father would do. I'll just have to tough out one more year.

Pennie Doyle has felt like a prisoner her whole life, and just when she's finally old enough to stand on her own, this evil alien from outer space comes along and ruins everything! Now, Pennie must save herself, protect her family and defeat this loathsome monster. But why does he have to look like a human?