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Invisible Traces: A short story

by Sarina Dahlan on 2018-12-27

Two lovers hold on to their memories on their last night together. A bittersweet speculative short story that explores the connection between memory and love when both cannot co-exist. Perfect for fans of the ETERNAL SUNSHINE OF THE SPOTLESS MIND

"Invisible Traces by Sarina Dahlan is an imaginative and poignant tale contained in a brief and beautiful moment that fully conveys the grandeur of love between two people. It begins with an all too familiar question, "Will you remember me?" Set in a futuristic world, Sarina Dahlan's world-building is masterful as if it were a gentle brush stroke and her writing is evocative of the subtlest emotions that envelope us in the smallest of moments." -- Goodreads reviewer

This is a bonus short story in Shadow Play: Ten Tales from the In-between. Available only in the hardcover edition and as a stand-alone book.

In the world of Shadow Play, in the space betwixt reality and the fantastical, ghosts stalk, lost spirits linger, and the living search for a meaning to life.

Set in the United States and Thailand, Shadow Play: Ten Tales from the In-between, is a collection of stories that explores the lives of those dealing with absence, loss, grief, life after death, and self-doubt. A little dark. A little light. But always with an eye towards hope.