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Arriving Soon


Ragnar - Lord of Jaegar

by Sasha Gold on 2017-11-13

The mission: Deliver the murderer to Pendleton.

This man has killed several prison sentries and looks like he could easily snap his steel shackles. It’s rumored he can shift into an immense wolf.

That does't worry Natasha, though. She doesn’t believe in wolf-shifters.

If he tries to break free from his shackles, she’ll be ready. Highly trained in hand-to-hand combat, she can bring a man to his knees. A gun strapped to her side offers more protection on what should be a quick flight to the penal colony.

Natasha has another mission, a secret mission, to find her missing sister who vanished on a trip to the prison colony. Delivering the dangerous prisoner will give her a chance to search for her twin.

Ragnar Helmsgaard seeks his fated mate.

The tiny female at the ship's controls is part of the Maiden class of Andromedins. Natasha’s courage amuses Ragnar almost as much as her scent tempts him. He might even feel a shred of pity for the girl in the drab pilot’s uniform.

The girl who thinks she’ll take him to Pendleton.

The girl who awakens his inner wolf.

***** Standalone Novel, No Cliffhanger, Happily Ever After *****
***** Safe Read, No Cheating, Some Strong Language *****
***** Ragnar ends at 53%... there are TWO bonus books included! ***

***** Bonus Book 1 - Kept by the Billionaire, by Sasha Gold *****
***** Bonus Book 2 - The Virgin's Tale, by Alix West *****