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Omega Shifters: Omega Mpreg Romance (Wolves, Bears, & Alphas)

by Savannah Quinn on 2017-09-29

Werebears, Werewolves, best friends, Omegas, and the Alphas that love them!
We all love a bit of rough, but these Omegas have an itch that only claws could scratch. And, it must be said, there's nothing better than being pounded by your best friend, especially when he's Alpha to the core.

*collection of HOT and STEAMY stories for you to enjoy.

Roping Omegas: An M/M MPREG Romance

by Savannah Quinn on 2017-09-28

Alphas rope Omegas down south. Cash, Austin, Travis, they give them what they want, they give their lovers every inch of their desire.

Cash Mooney is the Alpha every Omega desires. He's got it all: money, security, thick, veiny (get your mind out of the gutter!) arms. He cares for Nate, and their story takes up the bulk of this release, but their story isn't the only one told.

*This book contains Mpreg, cowboy, and Alpha/Omega MM goodness. The first is all about love and Mpreg and Cash Mooney. Enjoy! The others were written under other pen names.

Alphahood: Baby for the Omega (Gay MM Male Pregnancy) (His Property)

by Savannah Quinn on 2017-09-28

Alphas need Omega holes. They need to stretch and devour them. They need to fill them to the brim until the Omega's belly is round with child. Alphas love Omegas from the moment they reach Alphahood.

*This is a collection of my bestselling work along with books released under an alternative pen name. Pull up, pull off, and prepare for Alpha goodness. The stories feature alphas, omegas, mpreg, and hot, hot, HOT action.