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Dax: House of Flames (Dragon Warrior Romance) (Dragon Guardians Book 2)

by Scarlett Grove on 2018-04-26

To make her his, he must earn her trust

A Powerful Secret

Aria Sparks has always known she is different... her singing can heal the sick and wounded. She’d kept her magic hidden all her life, but when a coven of vampires snatches her for her potent blood, it only confirms she must keep her secret to herself.

A Dragon Warrior

Dax is convinced Aria is his mate, and he will stop at nothing to save her from the vampires’ clutches. But winning her trust will require more patience than this burly warrior knows how to muster.

Secrets Exposed

When Dax discovers Aria’s secret, his graceless ways could ruin everything. Can a gentle songstress trust the brash warrior with not only her magic but her heart? And when it all seems lost, can Aria find her inner strength and discover the true extent of her power?