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A Day in the Life of a.., Harem Owner: Daily Life with Furry Girls - 25

by SciFurz on 2019-06-16

Ever wonder what a regular day looks like for Guy with his furry girls Feli, Cani, Avia, Ara, and Mami?

Warning: more or less boring everyday content.

Daily Life With Furry Girls: Volume 02

by SciFurz on 2017-07-10

After the girls said yes to Guy's marriage proposal they will need to break the news to their families while their assignments for the Interspecies Prospect Administration continue and they move to a new place.
An eager member of the Commission on Otherspecies Welfare threatens to break up the family though.

Includes the story of first contact between the humans and felines.

Daily Life with Furry Girls: 14 - First Contact

by SciFurz on 2017-07-04

Nuha, a last year university student found a personal science project in a localised weather anomaly.
When she tries to figure out what's going on she picks up an interfering transmission, and the source is nothing like she could have imagined it.