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Ste. Mary's Sex Clinic: Marriage Resurrection Guarantee

by Scott F Neve on 2018-08-09

Mature Content Reader Advisory: Mature Humor, Strong Sexual Content, Use of Alcohol, Nudity, and Intense Situations!
* Sexy Science Fiction Satire Short Story!
The two lady doctors produced a set of electro documents for the visitors to sign with their thumb imprints. The newlyweds stared at each other, but no one backed out or ran for the door. They signed and then everyone laughed.
One of those pesky thoughts that pop up from time to time entered the groom's mind so he asked, "How can you guarantee to fix our marriage?"
His jungle queen doctor laughed with them and then her face altered as she answered as sober as the grave, "Two reasons guarantee the resurrection of your marriage."
The Grecian goddess smiled at the bride and groom as she continued, "First of all… we do not teach anything invented by man. Our principles come from the word of God. Mostly verses from the Song of Songs, the books of Esther and Ruth and some from the epistles."
The dark beauty stared at the couple in the eye as she spoke softly, "The second reason is this. Unless you accept the responsibility to nurture your marriage… we will never allow you to leave here."