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Arriving Soon


Rescued By Billionaire Dragons

by Serena Vale on 2017-08-16

Tristina was a woman who had felt out of place all of her life. But she had never felt more so than when she suddenly awakens on the beach of a tropical island with horrible memories of some kind of a sea monster attack. Full of fear that her grip on reality is slipping she sets out in search of help.

She finds that she has washed up on the island of a wealthy man who lives in solitude with his wife, his two sons, and a slew of servants. They live in their paradise and are content to ignore the rest of the world and live in peace.

Tristina is welcomed and cared for, and her story of her fogged memory of a monster attack is not met with skepticism, but confirmation. Her host advises her that she did not imagine the assault, but that it happened. And the beasts that she eluded would hunt her forever and that she can never leave his island.

And more than that, her host seems to be keeping a few secrets – and a few monsters – of his own.

Held captive, Tristina’s only thoughts are for escape. Until she meets the two sons of her host who also seem to harbor a dark secret. One that she is suddenly drawn in by and she cannot entertain the idea of escape until she understands what that secret is fully. But will her desires carry her towards escape, or will a more carnal desire keep her rooted firmly on the island?

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Note: This eBook contains mature scenes suitable for 18+ audiences only