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Parallel Time Travelers Save Shadow and Skye: A Science Fantasy Romance

by Serena Spacey on 2018-10-20

On a planet where romance is mandatory, falling in love can be revolutionary.

On planet Heart, everyone falls in love . . . either by chance, or by design. The angelians, Heart's inhabitants, are famous for making arrows that will turn anyone shot with them into a "val," helplessly in love with a chosen recipient.

Vanessa is a mortal who works for the alien gods. While she has done shady things for them in the past, hearing she must go back in time to destroy the lives of a whole dimension that her former partner once saved is too much. She takes matters into her own hands.

Shadow is investigating a case of data theft and possible espionage. In order to investigate, he has to get close to the woman he suspects of being a spy. He doesn't believe in valentines -- real lovers, not vals, with no arrows needed -- so no one is more surprised than Shadow when he falls for his target.

Cloudie Skye lives and works on Heart, but she isn't sure where she comes from, or even who she really is. Murky memories shrouded in pain keep her from delving too deeply into her past. She doesn't trust easily but the man called Shadow is too compelling to ignore.

As the love between them grows ever stronger, Shadow makes a discovery that puts Cloudie in lethal danger. Can he protect the woman he's come to love, or will her life be forfeit to the machinations of a sinister plot?

Previously published as Paradox Valentines.