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There Is No Peace: The EOS Soldier Chronicles - Book One

by Shale Magnus Prange on 2018-03-01

Her father's secrets saved her.
Her mother's secret poisoned her.
Her secret may kill her.

Sixteen-year-old Valora Martin is bound by duty to follow the footsteps of her military commander father. Just as graduation day arrives and she must take her place among the elite, the war raging outside escalates to a nuclear apocalypse. Valora's first mission is to serve as Commander of her own evacuation vessel, one of thirteen scattering across the stars carrying the last chance of preserving Zerian life.

Before she escapes, her father advises her, “Remember your training…there is no peace.” His graduation gift, a locket from her mother who died under mysterious circumstances, carries secrets that can enlighten and kill.
Her shocking discovery may doom her fragile society with its dependence on artificial intelligence. When they land on a new planet, Arnes, she and her soldiers discover new technologies, a powerful and mysterious energy, and dangerous native life forms. The Zerian settlers are split between different factions, some valuing loyalty to the old ways and others seeking freedom of choice. Torn between love and duty, Valora must make heartbreaking sacrifices in order to save not only the lives but the souls of her people.