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Apocalyptica - Rogue Memories

by Shane Griffin on 2018-05-13

Hirri Nino is a talented Sioken, someone who can control the minds of other humans. Unfortunately his brain has been damaged and is augmented by AI. He has lost part of who he is. The pressure of his job and the ghost pains from fragmented memories have driven him to alcohol.
Morgan Telu is Hirri's Linker, the one who keeps him from losing control. She literally holds his life in her hands through the Psych-link, a device that binds their minds together. If she dies he dies. When Hirri and Morgan are sent on a mission to the planet Cobost they find that the Planet Master, an augmented human who controls Cobost, has been tampered with - something that should be impossible.
Follow Hirri and Morgan as they uncover a plot that could lead the galaxy into a war to end all wars a second Apocalyptica!