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Arriving Soon


No Way Out: Collection

by Shari J. Ryan on 2017-10-16

They were told there was no way out, but they are determined to find one.

For Reese and Sin, finding a way out means entering into a world they aren’t prepared to face…a world nobody could be prepared for.

Their story is frightening and nerve-wracking, yet, also full of hope and love.

The saying: “No news is good news”, is proven wrong in every way possible. When held in confinement and isolation for several years, just about anything can happen in the oblivion outside of Chipley’s prison walls. In this case, anything turns out to be a reality more terrifying than either one could have imagined.

In this epic novella series, No Way Out, Shari J. Ryan takes you to a reality you won’t want to remain in.