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Praying Mantis Boy: Praying Mantis Boy and The Big Pickles (with lines from John Keats' "Ode to Psyche")

by Shawn Adrian on 2018-11-27

Not your typical boy-meets-girl story. An eccentric insect with the head of a boy makes friends with the girl next door. Sparks fly. But soon his new romantic interest, Roseanne, is called to attend a work emergency, which is really a ploy for Roseanne and her crush to continue their secret affair up town. This is what Praying Mantis Boy suspects, anyway, as he worries about the whole ordeal inside a glass jar, in Roseanne’s garage.

Please note that although this story is called “Praying Mantis Boy,” it contains adult themes and subject matter. This short story is intended for adult readers.